miguel menendez

“My Passion, my life,
my dreams...”



“Founding partner, owner of 100% of the production company´s stock"

I am lucky to have developed my professional career working for myself as well as for other people:

- I have founded start-ups such as Alquimia Cinema, where I was the General Director for 3 years (2001-2004). We developed, produced and distributed 18 feature films (6 per year), managed a budget of more than 18 million Euros and teams of more than 70 people. This was my first job after graduating from IESE. Formerly I had worked as a "controller" at EXPEDITORS INTL. and as a senior consultant at ANDERSEN CONSULTING.

- I have been the General Director for Spain and Portugal of the company HAVAS Entertainment for 3 years (2007-2009). This company belongs to the Havas Media Group and is specialized in providing content communication solutions (Branded Content). It has a turnover of more than 50 million Euros per year and more than 50 people as staff. I was a member of the management committee of HAVAS Media Spain and co-directed HAVAS Entertainment at a global level.

- I have created the companies MONO Films (cinema, TV and music production company) and Jácara Media Consulting (consulting company specialized in the media sector). We developed projects such as "CAMARON, La película" (winner of 3 Goya Spanish Film Awards), Y TU QUIEN ERES (directed by Antonio Mercero), Football CRACKS / Soccer ACES (with the participation of Zidane and Francescoli, it had more than 120 million viewers in each edition - 2010 and 2011 -, was broadcast on TV in 23 countries, followed on-line from 142 countries, the most watched YouTube channel in the world, etc.), SURF CRACKS / SURF ACES, several entertainment formats, discs, concerts, etc.

- I have worked for brands such as BBVA, Adidas, HYUNDAI, Powerade, Air Europa, San Miguel, Mahou, OKI, SEUR, Movistar, Nissan, Mercedes BENZ, Chupa Chups, etc.

From an academic perspective: I did my final school year in the USA (senior year). I have a Degree in Law and Business Administration. I hold a Master´s Degree in Economy and Business Administration (MBA Full Time) by IESE Barcelona.