rey gitano cartel 1


Year: 2015

Country: Spain

Director: Juanma Bajo Ulloa

Script: Juanma Bajo Ulloa

Cast: Karra Elejalde, Manuel Manquiña, Arturo Valls, María León, Rosa María Sarda, Charo López, Albert Pla, Pilar Bardem

Genus: Comedy | Road Movie


Jose Mari and Primitivo are two detectives suspected unemployed, failed by profession and main representatives of the two irreconcilable Spains. With the unexpected arrival of Gaje, Gypsy Gulf and incorrigible seducer, which propose a crazy mission "real", your luck will change... at worst. In a country in ruin, with a Government under suspicion and a monarchy low hours, seemed that we were on the edge of the precipice... And our three friends will give us the push we needed.